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Child Hard Soles

Our Child Hard Soles start from 18 months and are available for up to 5 year olds. They have a rubber sole which is flexible enough to still allow natural foot movement. Along with flexibility the sole also provides grip when on the go and protection from the environment.

These shoes are suitable for both the new walker and the more experienced walkers and adventure seekers.

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Child MILLY / Chestnut
Child MILLY / Pink
Child MILLY / Leopard
Child MILLY / Ivory
Child DUSI / Pink
Child SEREN Hightop / Tan
Child MILLY / Berry
Child DUSI / Tan
Child DUSI / Rainbow
Child JIMMY / Tan
Child JIMMY / Leopard
Child JIMMY / Pink
Child JIMMY / Blue
Child SEREN Hightop / Snow Leopard
Child SEREN Hightop / Green Leopard
Child LONNIE Sneaker / Tan
Child LONNIE Sneaker / Pink
Child LONNIE Sneaker / Leopard
Child MILLY / Flower (Limited Edition)
Jelly Sandals / Pink
Jelly Sandals / Pink
$24.95 $29.95
Jelly Sandals / Olive
Jelly Sandals / Olive
$24.95 $29.95
Jelly Sandals / Blue
Jelly Sandals / Blue
$24.95 $29.95
Child MILLY / Blue Check (Limited Edition)
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