Baby Soft Soles

Our Baby Soft Soles are perfect for the developing foot of your little one. They are super soft, unrestrictive and provide a layer of protection from the environment. Podiatrists highly recommend soft soles to promote natural foot development.

Available in two different soles; soft suede soles for up to 12 month olds, and a rubber grip soft sole for 12-18 month olds. The suede sole is perfect for crawlers, pre walkers and the rubber grips give a little more grip for new walkers.

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Baby BRIE / Black
Baby BRIE / Dove Grey
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Baby BRIE / Pink
Baby BRIE / Tan
Baby DUSI / Leopard
Baby DUSI / Rose Gold
Baby DUSI / Tan
Baby LOTTIE / Berry with Gold
Baby LOTTIE / Ivory with Silver
Baby LOTTIE / Nude with Gold
Baby MILLY / Chestnut
Baby MILLY / Golden
Baby MILLY / Grey
Baby MILLY / Navy
Baby MILLY / Pearly Pink
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Baby MONTY / Dalmation
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Baby MONTY / Dove Grey
Baby MONTY / Leopard
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Baby MONTY / Sparkle
Baby MONTY / Tan
Baby MONTY / Warm Tan
Baby MORK / Rose Gold
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Baby MORK / Rose Gold
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